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These products are engineered and built in the USA by Solid State Systems, one of the industry’s
leading authorities in NDT MAG equipment. Our products are patented and backed by a One Year to two year Warranty. Our in-house parts and repair facilities ensure a quick and ready response for any warranty or service needs.

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QQI #KSCG 230G.002 X .006" Circle + Cross Shims


Quantitative Quality Indicators

A simple and effective means of establishing adequate level of
magnetization and balance, is with the use of calibrated shims, such
as the "Quantitative Quality Indicators" Tm. Without their use, one
direction will overwhelm the field in another direction and result in
uni- directional magnetization, or a resultant field may develop.
note the circular artificial flaw standard to see that a consistent even
pattern is shown on the entire circle. On rings, discs, and any part
with more width or diameter than length, and with a center aperture.



These Unique instruments are used to measure the output levels of
the magnetizing current, and/or the shot duration of the magnetizing
current of magnetic particle inspection machines. Included in the
Digital Acquisition Timer and Ammeter Test Kits.


5 Turn Magnetic Coil

Made to MIL-Spec. All of our coils have an additional 0.5” ID for true sizing.
• Sealed to keep particles and debris out. Decreased arching and failure rates.
• Polyurethane coating.
• 12.5”, 16.5”, 20.5”, 36.5” models in stock and ready to ship.
• Available as upgrades to our models or replacements on your existing machines.
• Easily Removable.
• Sold with or without carriage. Buy only what you need.
• Choose from our sizes or contact us for a custom fit to your existing units.
• Cables and other accessories available.

field-flow 2.5 inch

Field Flow / Flux Flow

The Field Flow position provides a toroidal field of Magnetization In the Field
Flow position, this unit has single phase Full Wave DC, AC and HWDC Mag. The two
field/flows have ten turns each connected in series for a better balance or a total
of 20 turns.

copper pads 3in

Copper Contact Pads

Copper Contact Pads Lead Plates Lead Contact Plate Copper Central Conductors

Sizes in Stock
3.1/4" X 4
5" X 7"
5" X 7" ( Double )
5" X 7" ( Double, With V-Block )

contact rods small

Copper Central Conductors

Sizes in Stock
1" DIA.
3/4" DIA
1/2" DIA
1/4" DIA
1/4" DIA
1 1/2" DIA
2 1/4" DIA
( 3 PCS. Kit, 1/2", 3/4", 1" )

small parts adaptor-small

Small Parts Adaptors

Sizes in Stock
1/2" Rod
1" Rod
1 1/4" Rod
2 1/4" Rod

4 ought cable

4/0 Replacement Cables

Everything you need to keep your NDT Business Running smoothly.