S-5000 MPI Series
S-5000 MPI Series
Our Multi-Direction Magnetic Particle Inspection System is the most
advanced magnetic particle inspection system in the world today. A
remarkable achievement in multidirectional technology. The "3D MPI
System" meets the requirements of MIL-STD-1949A, This patented
technology utilizes AC, HWDC, and FWDC current for magnetization,
governed by three individual powertrains and three individual current
control knobs for fine tuning and superior conrollability.
Demagnetization includes AC Ramp-Down, and Reversing DC.
The Solid State System "3D MPI System" is capable of increasing test reliability,
and improved defect detection, while reducing cost dramatically. Multiple step
magnetizations are routinely reduced from eight or ten steps down to one or
two. Man hour requirements can be cut up to 80%. Shot duration time starts at a
phenomenal .18 seconds.
The S-5000 Series
The 3D Multi-Functional Particle
inspection system is patented and state
of the art. Our systems have become a
standard in military and commercial
applications. These systems increase test
reliability while reducing cost
dramatically. Multiple step operations are
usually reduced to one or two steps.
The S-5000 Magnetic Particle Inspection Series "3D System" features
the capability of magnetizing with full wave DC (FWDC), half wave
DC HWDC), or alternating current (AC). 3D magnetization can be
effective with any combination. All funtions are fully switchable from
the front panel by the operator. Demagnetization is accomplished by
selecting either AC or reversing DC. The 3D system utillizes all solid
state control and switching technology. Standard magnetization time
for all three directions is less than 200 milliseconds controlling a three
phase power train. The 3D system also meets the requirements of MIL-
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