S-4000 MPI Series
S-4000 MPI Series
Standard S-4000 Unit
The S-4000 Magnetic Particle Inspection 
Series comes with 4000 AMPS Full Wave
DC/AC output, Mag/Demag capabilities
with Decaying AC Demag and Reversing
DC Demag.
Standard Features:
• A 16" magnetizing coil comes standard
with each Solid State Systems D series

Infinitely Variable Dual Current Controls:
From zero to maximum current, output is controlled easily and smoothly
at your fingertips. Dual Three turn potentiometers are standard
equipment and increase the accuracy of the current control. There are
no jumps or open spots with these current controls.

Digital Ammeter:
A digital ammeter is standard on all Solid State Systems inspection
machines. An easy to read led display shows an accurate measurement of
the output amperage. A hold feature maintains the last RMS average,
amperage reading until the unit is energized again. (This is not a peak
reading meter) A red "current flow indicator' lights while the
magnetizing current is flowing. With the operators comfort in mind, the
meter is mounted on the face of the headstock for easy viewing.

These units will automatically demagnetize parts using AC and/or
Reversing DC depending on model. Automatic De-Mag is optional for
some models.

Quick Break:
Quick break is incorporated in all of our wet horizontal machines. "Quick
break' produces transient currents at the ends of a test part to reduce
strong polarities that may mask indications. "Quick break" helps insure
maximum repeatability of inspection results.

Part Protection:
Solid State Systems standard current control will not permit high current
application to a cocked or partially contacted part. Current leveling is
not necessary; in fact, it may cause overheating of the parts. Presetting
output levels is a failsafe method.

Minimum Service Requirements:
Color-coded, plug in micro-pack modules are used for fast fault isolation
and minimum down time.

Thermal Overload Protection:
This prevents the machine from being energized when an overload
condition exists, and automatically resets itself when the system cools

Solid State Control:
Fast response time (8 milliseconds), minimized contactor loads, and the
usual noise levels are reduced. Machine weight is also reduced because
of the advanced circuitry.

Secondary Control:
Secondary control using SCR'S gives the system better performance than
with primary control. Interference from other machines is reduced to a
minimum, separate power lines are not required (a cost savings).

Safe Guard:
Safe guard voltage conversion board is a safe and reliable system for the
changeover from 240v to 480v. Safe guard eliminates the possibility of
short-circuiting your machine when changing to a different voltage.

Hinged door:
All of the 'micro-pack' modules, circuit boards, adjustment locations and
the safe guard voltage conversion board are located behind a hinged
door for ease of calibration and maintenance. This alone can save hours
of down time and maintenance/calibration costs over the life of the

Duty Cycle:
All of Solid State Systems are rated at a ten percent duty cycle according
to MIL-I 6869.
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