RetroFit Power Supply
RetroFit Power Supply
These products are designed, engineered and built in the USA by one
of the industry's leading authorities in NDT Mag Equipment. Our
products are patented and backed by our standard One (1) Year
Warranty. Our in-house parts and repair facilities ensure a quick and
ready response for andy service needs.
• Will replace your old selenium rectifiers, copper oxide diode stacks.
• auto transformers and the step-switches.
• Its output is continuously variable.
• Has three led's on the input to monitor the incoming voltage and on
  the output
  to indicate that the secondary voltage is present.
This retrofit has three red (firing) modules and one green (timing)
module, as well as three lights to determine the primary of the
transformer and that the secondary are in phase. This unit is capable
of 240 or 480 input voltage. Included is a control potentiomer, it also
has a time adjust and min max control on the motherboard.
Available Options:
Digtal Meter and retro plate, 4/O cable kit for standard bench units.
MPI RetroFit Power Supply
With the Infinitely Variable Current
Control the output voltage at the
contact points is directly controlled
by the operator.

•The three (3) turn control allows for
990 degrees of rotation for 6,000
amps (2000 amps per turn) rather
than 270 degrees of rotation for
6,000 amps (6000 amps per turn)
•Eliminates the need for Arc
Suppression, Output Voltage
Protection and Current Overshoot
•Capable of computer control
•Our color coded, plug-in control
modules are easily replaced and do
not require a technical individual to
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