The setup and operation of the "QUICK BREAK" tester is not a difficult
task.  The following illustration will clearly show how to employ the
proper use of this instrument.  This unit has two LED's for function
indicators; both of these operate in unison.  They are connected
together.  This unit has two basic functions:
1.THE QUICK BREAK POSITION: This function determines the proper
operation of the coil's quick break circuitry.  For best results this test
should be preformed with FWDC (Full Wave Direct Current).

2.THE FIELD POSITION: This function determines if there is a magnetic
field present.  The field will indicate AC, HWDC, and FWDC.  In some
cases it can also be used as an indicator for "QUICK BREAK".  These
applications will be discussed later.
Quick Break Tester
The Model QB-1 "QUICK BREAK TESTER" is a unit that easily tests for
the correct output of your Mag machines inductive field.  "Quick Break"
is a term used in defining the termination of a high current, in a coil or
inductor, which produces a rapidly diminishing field.  This effect is
very useful because it will show certain transverse discontinuities of the
surface of the part being tested. These defects will appear as a result of
the residual method.  (Even though the continuous method is being
employed at the time).
Quick Break Tester
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