Quantitative Quality Indicators
A simple and effective means of establishing adequate level of
magnetization and balance, is with the use of calibrated shims, such
as the "Quantitative Quality Indicators" Tm.  Without their use,  one
direction will overwhelm the field in another direction and result in
uni- directional magnetization, or a resultant field may develop.
note the circular artificial flaw standard to see that a consistent even
pattern is shown on the entire circle. On rings, discs, and any part
with more width or diameter than length, and with a center aperture.
.002 X .006" Circle + Cross Shims
.002 X .0006" 3 Circles 20-30-40%
QQI #KSC 4-230
.002 X .0006" 4 Miniature
Quantitative Quality Indicators 
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