MPI Equipment
Wet Method MPI Equipment
We recommend our present day
technology  which has been used to test
similar parts at GE  Aircraft Engines since
1990, Kaiser Electro Precision since 1991,
and Hawker-Luftunsa since 2006.
• 3,000 Amps - 20,000 Amps Units   
20% Max Duty Cycle.
Built in Quick Break.
Head Space: 32", 54", 144". 180" and
   Custome Sizes available.
Electrical: 240/480, 60HZ, 1PH, 2Ph or
Meets the requirements of ASTM 1444E 
AC Demagnetizers are used for
demagnetizing parts that have been
magnetized using non-destructive testing
methods. It should be noted that larger
diameter coils should be used only on
large parts for proper demagnetization.

• Sizes available: 12", 24", 36", 48", and
  custome sizes .
• 240VAC / 480VAC Input Voltage.
• Track and Carriage available
• Industrial Safety Switch, Type A, NEMA, 
   Type 1  Fusible.
MPI Retrofit Power Supply
The Solid State Systems Retro-Fit Power
Supply is designed to replace your old
Magnaflux Selenium Rectifiers Stacks,
Diode Stacks, and Control Systems. Using
Modern Electronic-Plug-In Module
Technology we are Able to control the
ouput power of your old Magnaflux MPI
Equipment with infinite variable control
without limitations from the old
Magnaflux Auto Transformers, Step
switches, and Satable core reactors
Featured Product
DecaStar 365nm Inspection Light
This robust design is what we called the "Little Devil 365"  This fixture has been built with the operator in mind. Turning on the two foot UV light creates a generous 48” X 30” work area when mounted 48” from the work surface. It also offers the option of adding white light for a nominal fee. The operator would switch from UV to White light with a foot switch.
The UV-A LEDs produce 150 uw/cm2 of 360-370nm light while producing less than 1 foot candle of white light. This fixture meets the specifications for ASTM E709. Each fixture is mercury and lead free.
WorkLight UV365
Intelligent Illumination Labs, an
innovator in lighting solutions for
Non-Destructive testing,
understands the short comings of
inspection lighting for Flourescent
Penetrant Testing and Magnetic
Particle Inspection.
Amp Meters
Retro-Fit Power Supply
The Solid State Systems A-DM-7005 Ammeter is a 4 1/2 digit FULLWAVE
DC and AC 18,000 amperes anel meter for application that require a
compact quality ammeter. This model uses dual-slope intergration for
conversion additionally it provides for automatic reset before each
reading and does so with a minimum of parts for increased reliability.
• Digital meter with display levels up to 7,000 amperes
• 1,000 ampere 50 mv shunt.
• This meter has an accuracy of +/- 1%
• 120 volt grounded line cord.
• Packaged in a rugged metal carrying case.
Quick Break Tester
The Model TK-QB-0001 "Quick Break Tester" is a unit that easily tests
for the correct output of your mag machines inductive field. Quick
Break is a term used in defining the termination of a high current, in a
coil or inductor which produces a rapidly diminishing field. This effect
is very useful because it will show certain transverse discontinuities of
the surface of the part being tested. These defects will appear as a
result of the residual method. Even though the continuous method is
being employed at the time.
The setup and operation of the
Quick Breake Tester is not a
difficult task. This unit has two
LED's for function indicators, both
of these operate in unison. This
unit has two basic functions:

1) The Quick Break Position

2) The Field Position
Digital Meter with display levels
upt 16000 ampres
This meter has an accuracy of
=/- 1%
120VAC grounded line cord
Packaged in a rugged Hard
Plastic case
Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment
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