MPI Equipment
S-4000 Series
Standard S-4000 Unit
The S-4000 Series comes with 4000 AMPS
Full Wave DC/AC output, Mag/Demag
capabilities with Decaying AC Demag and
Reversing DC Demag.
Standard Features:
• A 16" magnetizing coil comes standard
with each Solid State Systems D series
• Infinite Variable Current Control, allows
from 0 to Maximum Current Control easily
and smoothly at your fingertips.
• Built in Quick Break.
• Thermal protection
Automated Mini 3D Unit
This Mini Magnetic Particle Inspection will
increase the productivity of your
organization. Its 14 head space is
perfect for fasteners and other small
components. Its 36 by 24 footprint
helps it fit in tight places, but it can be
accessed on both sides for increased
Mobile Unit S-2047 Series
Mobile Unit
Magnetizing Current-Max 4,000 Amperes
HWDC, 4000 Amperes AC
Ammeter: Digital
Demagnetization:  AC only
Input Voltage 230/460 50/60 Hz
Output: AC or HWDC
Size Approx. 32 x 25 x 41 inches
With 8 inch casters
Weight approx 385 pounds
Note: Output is with 2(15) foot cables with
Either-End connectors (not supplied)
Large Capacity Custom Machines
Our Multi-Direction Magnetic System is the most advanced magnetic
particle inspection system in the world today. A remarkable
achievement in multidirectional technology. The "3D MPI System"
meets the requirements of MIL-STD-1949A, This patented technology
utilizes AC, HWDC, and FWDC current for magnetization, governed by
three individual powertrains and three individual current control
knobs for fine tuning and superior conrollability. Demagnetization
includes AC Ramp-Down, and Reversing DC.
The Solid State System "3D MPI System" is capable of increasing test reliability,
and improved defect detection, while reducing cost dramatically. Multiple step
magnetizations are routinely reduced from eight or ten steps down to one or
two. Man hour requirements can be cut up to 80%. Shot duration time starts at a
phenomenal .18 seconds.
The S-5000 Series "3D System" features the capability of magnetizing
with full wave DC (FWDC), half wave DC HWDC), or alternating
current (AC). 3D magnetization can be effective with any
combination. All funtions are fully switchable from the front panel by
the operator. Demagnetization is accomplished by selecting either AC
or reversing DC. The 3D system utillizes all solid state control and
switching technology. Standard magnetization time for all three
directions is less than 200 milliseconds controlling a three phase
power train. The 3D system also meets the requirements of MIL-STD-
S-3000 Series
The S-5000 Series "3D Multi-
Functional inspection system is
patented and state of the art. Our
systems have become a standard in
military and commercial
applications. These systems
increase test reliability while
reducing cost dramatically. Multiple
step operations are usually reduced
to one or two steps.
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