Mobile Unit S-2047 Series
Mobile Unit
Magnetizing Current-Max 4,000 Amperes
HWDC, 4000 Amperes AC
Ammeter: Digital
Demagnetization:  AC only
Input Voltage 230/460 50/60 Hz
Output: AC or HWDC
Size Approx. 32 x 25 x 41 inches
With 8 inch casters
Weight approx 385 pounds
Note: Output is with 2(15) foot cables with
Either-End connectors (not supplied)
Mobile Magnetic Inspection Units
Solid State Systems presents its line of mobile magnetic particle
inspection units. It is available in the 4,000 amp S-2047 and the 6,000
amp S-2067. Both models weigh only 550 pounds. These units can be
rolled around on their 8-inch heavy duty swivel casters, or can be
maneuvered with a forklift, or with the four lifting rings.

Remote Option
A remote-control unit is available for use with both units. It provides
control of the magnetizing and demagnetizing current from a
convenient hand-held unit. A remote On-Off switch on the front panel
of the machine provides for quick selection of local or remote-
controlled operation.

Key Applications
These self-contained, mobile units can be moved or rolled anywhere in
shop, foundry, refinery, petrochemical plant or manufacturing facilities
to detect surface and near surface cracks by the MPI method.
The S-2047 offers 4,000 amperes of alternating or half-wave direct
current. The S-2067 offers 6,000 amperes of alternating or half-wave
direct current. Both localized and overall magnetization can be
employed when inspecting diverse magnetic materials. The
demagnetizing process is as simple as pushing a button with cables in

Simple to Operate
All operating controls and indicators are located on the recessed front
panel. The easily read ammeter shows magnetizing current in either AC
or half-wave DC operating modes. The AC mode minimizes background
interference, permitting high sensitivity, speed, and accuracy of
surface defect identification. The DC mode provides increased
magnetic field penetration for detection of near surface
discontinuities. A current adjustment control permits precise
adjustment of the magnetizing current. The ammeter is protected
against damage from rough handling, and all units are protected against
Features & Benefits
• Meets Military & Industry Specifications
• More output per unit weight & size
• 4,000 or 6,000 amp HWDC and AC
• Infinitely variable current control
• Digital ammeter with hold feature
• Fast, effective automatic AC
• Thermal overload protection
• Rugged duty cycle
• Ideal for overall magnetization
• Simple to operate
• All controls recessed for damage control
• Ideal for localized prod and cable use
• Remote control feature operation
• Storage well on top for cables and
• Convenient 115V outlet
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