About Us
Founded in 1978 O.E.M. specialized in Large Power Control Systems. The only company that has the knowledge of how to run
parallel SCRís for a more power output. Developed the solid state infinite variable controls for magnetic test equipment along
with Electronic Automatic Decaying Demag patented in 1987. Developed the flux flow units which we later named as Field
Flows now used as an ASNT industry standard. We also hold a US Utility Patent number 4,931,731.

     We are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality of customer service through experienced technicians and rapid
response to the NDT Industry.  By providing parts, engineering services and professionals with over 40 years of experience,
we provide quick access to the answers you need to get back up and running again.  In addition to our own machines, we
service equipment manufactured by Magnaflux, Gould-Bass, Uresco-Ardrox, and others, old or new.  We also offer retro-fit
systems to upgrade old machines to solid state electronic modules.
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