We recommend our present day
technology which has been used to test
similar parts at GE Aircraft Engines since
1990, Kaiser Electro Precision since 1991,
and Hawker-Luftunsa since 2006.
• 3,000 Amps - 20,000 Amps Units
• 20% Max Duty Cycle.
• Built in Quick Break.
• Head Space: 32", 54", 144". 180" and
   Sizes available.
• Electrical: 240/480, 60HZ, 1PH, 2Ph or
• Meets the requirements of ASTM 1444E 
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Solid State Systems has been a leading manufacturer of Magnetic Particle
Inspection Equipment nation-wide since 1978.
     Our team of engineers specialize in custom, large capacity and compact,
high yield machines.  We are continuously improving technology in the NDT
Industry. With advancements in Field Flow design, Secondary Controls and our
Interchangeable plug-in Module System, we pride ourselves in the Solid State
Systems reputation of Quality, Reliability and Productivity.
Solid State Systems products are seen throughout such industries as:
AC Demagnetizers are used for
demagnetizing parts that have been
magnetized using non-destructive testing
methods. It should be noted that larger
diameter coils should be used only on
large parts for proper demagnetization.
• Sizes available: 12", 24", 36", 48", and
   custome sizes .
• 240VAC / 480VAC Input Voltage.
• Track and Carriage available
• Industrial Safety Switch, Type A, NEMA, 
   Type 1  Fusible.
Demagnetizer Units
Conventional Inspection lighting fixtures have many draw backs.
• Filters
• Wide spectrum UV-A light
• Veiling glare
• Excessive White Light
• Contains mercury - a highly toxic substance

There are so many recommendations to follow
ASTM E3022: Requirements for LED UV-A Lamps
ASTM E709: Black light intensity: No less than 1000 μW/cm2
ASTM 1417: Inspection's vision - Dark adaption < 1 minute.
ASTM  E709: Inspection's vision - Dark adaption < 1 minute.
ASTM 1417: Battery powered Black Lights must be tested before each
ASTM  E709: Not to exceed 2 foot candles of white light.
ASTM  E709: Mercury Vapor Black Light bulbs must warm up for < 5
The WorkLight UV365 is the ideal solution.
WorkLight UV365
Intelligent Illumination Labs, an
innovator in lighting solutions for
Non-Destructive Testing, understands
the short comings of inspection
lighting for Flourescent Penetrant
Testing and Magnetic Particle
Digital Ammeter Kits
These unique instruments are used to
measure the output levels of the
magnetizing current of magnetic particle
inspection machines. Included in the
AMMETER TEST KITS are the following.
• Digital meter with display levels up to
   20,000 amperes
• Digital timer that reads up to 100
• 1000 ampere/50 mv shunt.
• 120 volt grounded line cord.
• Packaged in a rugged metal carrying
   case. The digital timer used has an
   accuracy of .01 seconds +/- 1 digit.
The digita ammeter used has an accuracy
of +/- 1%.
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Magnetic Particl Inspection Units
Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment
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